About Chianti

ChiantiTV is your one-stop shop for all things music and entertainment!

Hey, music lovers! I am Chianti, the founder of ChiantiTV. I love making tunes that easily resonate with teenagers and young adults alike. From hip-hop to rap, I intend to entertain you with the fantastic compositions that simply takes away all your stress and gets you grooving.

Having been in the industry for a few years has helped in shaping up the way I perceive music. I am not just an entertainer but an artist who speaks the truth and creates music with complete honesty. The quality of music and lyrics you will get to explore here will be found nowhere else!

I have made a whole lot of songs available here for your convenience. You can listen to them online as well as download the audio files. The links to my video songs are also featured for you to discover. Entertaining you guys with awesome music is both my passion and hobby which drives me to work every single day.

I am in the process of recording EP that will be released soon. Watch this space for all the updates.